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  Updated: 8/19/2019

Hawaiian Songs

Hawai'i Aloha
E Hawai'i, e ku'u one hanau e,
O Hawai'i, o my sands-birth,
Ku'u home kulaiwi nei
My home-native here
'Oli nu au i na pono lani ou
Rejoice indeed I in the hope-heavenly-your
E Hawai'i, aloha e!
O Hawai'i, greetings of love!


E hau'oli e na opio o Hawai'i nei
Be happy o the youths of Hawai'i here
'Oli e! 'Oli e!
Rejoice! Rejoice!
Mai na aheahe makani e pa mai nei
From the gentle winds blowing here
Mau ke aloha no Hawai'i
Always the love for Hawai'i

[Hana hou i ka hui]
[Repeat the chorus]


Hawai‘i Pono‘? (Hawai'i Pono‘? PDF)
Hawai‘i pono‘?
N?n? i kou m?‘?
Ka lani ali‘i
Ke ali‘i

Makua lani ?
Kamehameha ?
Na kaua e pale
Me ka ihe

Hawai‘i pono‘?
N?n? i n? ali‘i
N? pua muli kou
N? p?ki‘i

Hawai‘i pono‘?
E ka l?hui e
‘O k?u hana nui
E ui ?
Hawai‘i’s own
Be loyal to your chief
Your country’s liege and lord
The ali‘i

Father above us all
Who guarded in war
With his spear

Hawai‘i’s own
Look to your lineal chiefs
These chiefs of latter birth
Younger siblings

Hawai‘i’s own
People of loyal hearts
Thy only duty lies
Listen and abide

One Paddle, Two Paddle
  One paddle, two paddle, three paddle,
Four to take me home
Fourteen on the right, fourteen on the left,
Take me to Hawaii nei, no ka best.

I went away a long time
Such a long time, a long time ago
Seen enough cities to last a lifetime
Goin' away no more

I want to smell the flowers,
The sweet flowers when the trade winds blow
Seen enough fences to last a lifetime
Going' away no more

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