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  Updated: 10/17/2018


  • Canoe and Equipment Use Policy
    This policy applies to outrigger canoes, accessories, paddles, tents, trailers, and material or equipment belonging to Kihei Canoe Club.
    • Other than regularly scheduled/published member paddles or ashes/wedding ceremonies, all requests for use of club canoes and equipment must be made in writing to the board and approved in advance by the board or it's representative. Email requests are acceptable.
    • Persons wishing to use the trailer must show proof of a valid driver license and insurance to a board member in advance.
    • All commercial and fundraising events requesting use of club equipment must be coordinated by the Board or it's representative. This includes quoting for equipment use, arranging member participation as required, etc.
    • Non-profit or community organizations may make requests for equipment use through the Board or it's representative in writing and are invited to make a donation to the club.

Kihei Canoe Club • P.O. Box 1131 Kihei, HI 96753 • 808-879-5505